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It Is the Ringlock Scaffolding Whose Usage Has Been Recognized

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It Is the Ringlock Scaffolding Whose Usage Has Been Recognized
Issue Time:2020-01-15
Ringlock scaffold is a new kind of socket type steel pipe scaffold. Scaffolding of toothed ringlock joint joining together, so that the speed of stitching quickly, structure internal stability, safe and convenient processing, because the frangible drag, so easier to transport, practicality is very strong.

Ringlock of scaffolding is standardization, many ringlock scaffoldings are made according to the standardized form, size is unified, easy management and use. In addition, the ringlock and bar are connected together, reduce the cost of wear and tear caused by problems, make the bulk, it is not easy to loss, it indirectly lower the cost of the project. Ringlock scaffolding maintenance procedures simple at the same time, not only to avoid to use bolts, and generally does not affect the operation of the collision and corrosion, such order maintenance work go more smoothly.

Ringlock scaffold in the construction site in indicate the ordering of the series. Artifacts in coated with simple or easy to identify the color, make it look beautiful and easy, clean and orderly. For stacking problems should pay attention to it, to unify stacked, facilitate management and transportation, under the provisions of the safety and civilized construction, reasonable arrangement of ringlock's use of the scaffold.