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Methods of Erection and Building of Frame Scaffolding in the Project

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Methods of Erection and Building of Frame Scaffolding in the Project
Issue Time:2020-01-03
A, the erection
1. Before installation should be in longitudinal and lateral direction floor or ground flare out frame line of position, and carry on sight. Basis, processing requirements and scaffold outside the same, that is, in conformity with the relevant provisions of the 5.7.1 2.
2. A scaffold outside the assembly requirements and order may refer to the scaffolding 5.7.1 two corresponding rules.
3. The adjustable base, jacking measures should be taken to prevent the mortar and cement oar, filling the rib.
4. And at the top of the scaffold construction operational layer should be put with scaffolding plank, and adopt reliable connection beam is fixed with the door frame.
5. Formwork support height than width 5 times, should be set to wind rope to pull.

Second, the acceptance
Formwork support and scaffolding, inspection after the completion of the acceptance, qualified rear must use. Check acceptance content should include:
1. The door frame, horizontal reinforcing rod, cross bar, bridging, horizontal planes, frame scaffolding board configuration is in line with the requirements.
2. State fastener tighten eligibility.
3. Whether level off solid, adjustable base, stow-wood laid conform to requirements.
4. The perpendicularity of the scaffold is qualified.
5. Safety net, as well as rail set is in line with the requirements.

Third. The removal of frame scaffolding should press after first open principle, according to the following procedures:
1. from the cross-border open at the top of the armrest and baluster at first, and then dismantle scaffold board (or horizontal) and escalator, then unload horizontal rod reinforcing rod and bracing.
2. from the top cross-border began to remove cross support, the synchronous remove the top bracing rod with the wall top door frame.
3.  continue to phase synchronization under the demolition of the second step the frame and accessories.