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Safety Measures When Building the Scaffolding Products in the System

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Safety Measures When Building the Scaffolding Products in the System
Issue Time:2020-01-02
1 Using the load must be in conformity with the following provision
 (1) on the surface of the work load (including scaffolding, personnel, tools, and material, etc.), design has no rules, structure of the scaffold is not more than 4 kN/m2 to decorate the scaffold shall not exceed the kN/m2;Maintain the GI scaffolding pipe manufacturer is not more than 1 kn/m2.
 (2) the load should be evenly distributed on the surface of the homework, looked at the scaffold leasing. Avoid load too concentrated in all the earth.  
 (3) put of scaffolding plank layer and operation scaffolding tube at the same time does not exceed the number of rules.

 2  Shall not be arbitrarily dismantled foot frame of the basic building blocks and even the wall, shall not be arbitrarily remove the foot in all kinds of safety protection facilities.

 3  The proper use of basic provisions of the scaffold
 (1) the material on the surface of the work should be clear in time, to maintain face neat, scaffolding demolished. Don’t mess with tool material, lest affect off occurs of job security.
 (2) every time call it a day, finish the rack material application, should be stacking that not use up all at one time.
 (3) on the job to pry, pull, push, dial operation, scaffolding, you know. To take correct postures, stand or hand the strong support, factors. So as not to overexert when every body smoothes or put things out.