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Property Analysis of the Steel Tubular Scaffolding Analysis

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Property Analysis of the Steel Tubular Scaffolding Analysis
Issue Time:2019-12-31
1) utility: can according to the specific construction requirements, different team size, shape and bearing capacity of single and double row scaffolding, racks, sticks, material hoisting frame, climbing scaffolding, cantilever rack and other functions of construction equipment. Can also be used to build facilities barrack, tents, lighthouse and other structures. Particularly suitable for erection of scaffolding material black scaffolding tube surface and reloading the racks.

2) high efficacy: commonly used in the bar up to 3130 mm, weighing 17.07 kg. Whole frame assembled demolition speed is faster than conventional 3 ~ 5 times, spell quickly down the save labor, workers with a hammer to complete all assignments, to avoid the bolt operation bring so much inconvenience.

3) strong commonality: main components adopt common fastener type steel pipe scaffold pole, available fastener with ordinary steel pipe connection, strong commonality.

4) capacity: vertical rod is connected with the axis of socket, rail with stud on the bowl joint connection, connection with reliable bending, shear and torsion resistance performance. And axis to the bar a little bit, node within the frame plane, therefore, the structure is stable and reliable, large bearing capacity.(to improve bearing capacity, the whole frame about than the same clear case of fastener type steel pipe scaffold increased by more than 15%,)

1. The connection locations at the attached supporting structure;
2. The lifting mechanism on a mobile scaffolding frame body set up; 
 3. On the rack body sway, fall prevention device Settings;
 4. The frame body haul at point set;
 5. The corner in the plane of the mobile scaffolding frame body;
 6. The frame body by touching the tower crane, construction elevator, material platform facilities such as the need to disconnect or open hole;
 7. There is a requirement for strengthening the other parts.