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Pay Attention for the Process of Producing Ringlock Scaffolding

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Pay Attention for the Process of Producing Ringlock Scaffolding
Issue Time:2019-12-30
Ringlock (into) scaffold is a kind of has self-locking function into the new type steel pipe scaffold, reference issued by the ministry of housing and urban-rural development JGJ231-2010 standard production, the main component for the vertical rod and bar, button node structure is reasonable, the vertical shaft axial force, make the scaffolding tube overall in three-dimensional space structure with high intensity, good overall stability, and has reliable self-locking function, can effectively improve the overall stability of the scaffold strength and degree of safety, can better meet the needs of the construction safety. A spell demolition rapidly, energy saving, simple structure, stable and reliable, strong commonality, large bearing capacity, safe and efficient, not easily lost, easy to manage, easy to transport, etc.

1, support system fixed outer scaffold or when pumping concrete pump pipe fixed on the supporting system.
2, support system material concentrated loading pile up more than the design load.
3, not according to the special construction plan arrangement concrete pouring sequence, not assign personnel to support system monitoring.
4, construction site procurement, Ringlock scaffold leasing product certificate and legal inspection unit test report, no production license of production of steel tube, fastener manufacturers.
5, the steel pipes, fasteners to approach to the construction site before to use sampling detection, steel pipes, fasteners use account has not been established, a detailed record of steel tube, fastener of source, quantity, and quality inspection, and so on and so forth.
6, adopt rigid wall rod with the wheel button scaffolding and building reliable connection.