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What Advantages the Tubular Scaffolding Have When Compared with Others?

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What Advantages the Tubular Scaffolding Have When Compared with Others?
Issue Time:2019-12-26
Along with the development of the era of scaffolding tube species has also been gradually increased, in addition to the mobile scaffolding and there are many, such as the fastener scaffold also is a kind of application is more, we will have a look at the fastener scaffold together to what is the difference between and mobile scaffold.

Mobile scaffolding advantage doesn't have to say more, of course, I believe you already know a lot, we mainly said the fastener scaffold has what advantage, first of all, it has a large bearing capacity, if qualified fastener scaffold of the bearing capacity of the single pipe column can reach 15 kN ~ 35 kN;

The second fastener scaffold in the process of installation and removal is very convenient, can adjust the length of the steel tube, erection of flexible, simple connection, can be used on all kinds of plane, the elevation of buildings. In addition, the fastener scaffold production process simple, the one-off investment cost is low, low material consumption, or amount per square scaffolding steel used in construction at about 15 kg.

But you also need to note is that before the processing must design a good scaffold geometry size and structure, improve the fastener scaffold pole cycle utilization rate, to create more practical and safe products. Before building check carefully whether the scaffolding each part of the corrosion, is normal, only guarantee the safety of each part can ensure the whole scaffold solid, so as to ensure the safety of construction personnel. Laying a mobile scaffold must be fixed to prevent the scaffold construction personnel from has no fixed point. In material selection, candidates must conform to the scaffolding the biggest bear ability, to prevent the scaffold pose a threat to construction workers.