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How To Arrange the Install and Dismantle Of Scaffolding Planks

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How To Arrange the Install and Dismantle Of Scaffolding Planks
Issue Time:2019-12-24
Steel scaffolding planks for long service life, high recovery rate, light weight, can reduce weight, and prevent slippery, prevent deformation, h described on both sides to increase the fastness and the strength, prevent sand, makes its appearance generous, strong and durable. Unique shape makes it easier to bundle and device, when idle piled up neatly.

Hot dip galvanized corrugated steel sheet choose carbon steel cold making, through the hot galvanizing technology, utilizing life up to 5 to 8 years. Scientific and rational use of limited capital is one of the important measures to develop the national economy "to the steel and wood" is to carry out the strategy of science, in practice to use steel as the material of all sorts of equipment parts strength is much better than that of wood for the material goods.

Had been widely in the field of construction equipment selection of hot dip galvanized steel scaffolding planks, compared to the wooden ramp, it not only high strength, flameproof, prevent slippery, high safety and light weight, easy to equipment construction and operation of the company, after several years of scrapped after the most important thing is the salvage value of use value, recycled into the furnace, from the beginning to use again. Thus maximum limit the use of the capital, and environmental protection, this is no matter from economic interests or social meaning the biggest difference is with wooden board. Steel scaffolding planks for light weight, mobile convenience, installation is simple to use, must want to know their safety knowledge. Steel scaffolding planks, the key is to build a new steel scaffolding planks lifting point method, must have sufficient strength and embedded steel ring or safe use wall bolts.

When repeated use, steel frame should be carefully check, often because of demolition, throw, steel frame under partial rupture or deformation, need to repair again after use. Cuplock scaffolding planks, the seal must be used, install remove steel scaffolding planks is dangerous.