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Scaffolding Planks Adopt the Edge Cutting Designs for Construction Project

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Scaffolding Planks Adopt the Edge Cutting Designs for Construction Project
Issue Time:2019-12-20
Adopted the latest international steel cuplock scaffolding planks structure design scheme of a long 3 m scaffolding planks, for example, its outstanding characteristic has the following several aspects:

1  , the bearing capacity is very high, 2800 mm (2 each had 10 centimeters put steel tube head) span can carry 500 kg;
2  , light weight, 3000 mm scaffolding planks around 15 kg weight, average weight 5 kg per meter; Reduce the labor intensity of workers, greatly improving the construction efficiency.
3, leakage at the bottom of the three, sand hole design, sand blasting operations, not stored up steel grit, saving production costs;
4  , the scaffolding steel plank decking six rows up on the surface of bump neat rows of ellipses hole, a root reinforcement design among them, its characteristic is not only beautiful and easy, and increased the strength of the panel and fastness.
5  , the ramp material with Q235 hot dip galvanized steel belt, has the very good anti-corrosion effect, more suitable for operation at the seaside.
6  , the scaffolding planks both ends respectively have two ellipses macro porous, facilitate high-altitude operations。

With the development of steel industry, the development of production technology, in the market, there are many kinds of steel, the steel board is one of them. The following simple introduction scaffolding planks in the use of the advantages of steel.

1, this kind of steel scaffolding planks in use have high recovery rate, and its use of time is long, and in the installation operation is simple.
2, due to the unique design of steel scaffolding planks allow it to be in a certain extent, reduce the weight, and can rise to prevent slippery, prevent the effect of deformation, and the processing technology is not only to make it beautiful and easy, and more durable.