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What Kinds of Scaffolding Planks Can Be Called Qualified Planks

What Kinds of Scaffolding Planks Can Be Called Qualified Planks
Issue Time:2019-12-18
The purpose of the galvanized scaffolding planks sheet is more and more widely, especially cold rolled sheet to measure growth faster. Sheet corrosion is quite serious, however, due to the economic losses caused by the corrosion of metals is astonishing. Metal corrosion damage in the United States each year to reach more than $100, Japan's loss of 525 billion yen. In order to prevent corrosion, all countries in the world adopt the method of scaffolding plating coating to protect steel from corrosion.

Therefore, various metallurgical enterprise after the abrasion process have all kinds of plating coating production line. Steel lock coating production is divided into two categories: one kind is metal coating, such as: zinc, tin, chromium lock, etc.;Another kind is non-metallic coating, such as painting, laminating, etc. Coating, 11 in the United States the most advanced plate production, the production the most each accounts for about a third of world output scene.

1, scaffold board by load variation;
2, fasteners, belong to semi-rigid connection nodes and node rigid size is associated with fastener quality, installation quality, node performance there is a big variation;
3, scaffolding structure and component of initial defects, such as initial bending of bar, rust, erection of dimension error, the eccentric load, etc.;
4, and the wall connection, bigger binding variation on the ringlock scaffolding.