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How to Prepare the Basic (Ground) and Braced Structure

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How to Prepare the Basic (Ground) and Braced Structure
Issue Time:2019-12-05
(1) (to) should be the basis of scaffolding poling formation compaction, has enough bearing capacity and stability, in the pit or the stage, the stud from the edge of the pit shall not be less than 1 m, shall not be greater than soil slope and slope natural rest angle, otherwise should be tested for slope protection and reinforcement.
(2) scaffold made rod under uneven, solid or cant, must set up pad or plate.
(3) scaffold even wall point (anchor), supporting points and hung (hanging) must be set in that can reliably hold under load, the structure of the parts necessary for structural calculation, setting doesn't affect the subsequent construction as far as possible, in case in the subsequent construction of artificially removed.

2. The single row scaffolding shall not apply to the following situations:
(1) the wall thickness is less than or equal to 180 mm;
(2) building height more than 24 m;
(3) hollow bricks, aerated block wall lightweight wall;
(4) masonry mortar strength grade is equal to or less than M1.0 brick wall.

3. Safety protection
Scaffolding safety protection facilities should be able to provide safety protection, effectively prevent tumble in the rack items, slide, prevent people falling objects, slip, strike, etc.
The job site should set safety containment and warning signs, irrelevant personnel shall be prohibited from entering the construction area; Or lost has not been formed on the stability of the structure of the scaffold areas provide temporary support or other reliable security measures; On the buckle to hang the no content, should set belts bus or hang a safety net; Set the material on or condole facilities, forbid throwing.