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The Scaffolding Planks Has Become the Major Products In Projects

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The Scaffolding Planks Has Become the Major Products In Projects
Issue Time:2019-12-02
Steel plank is used to build the site after the scaffold structures, good laid for foot, walking about personal safety when building so must be strong and durable, safe and reliable, carrying capacity is strong, and corrosion resistance, not easy to damage, long service life and to get to the use of the site needs, has a great role in building construction.

Steel scaffolding planks compared with other scaffolding planks economic material benefit, using steel scaffolding planks has become a trend both at home and abroad, and greatly improved the company construction talents, plays a big step. Steel scaffolding planks recovery rate is high, use fixed number of year is long, easy open device is convenient, make can still waste/garbage disposal.

The pitch trim molding standard, good appearance, durable (normal construction can use continuously 6-8 years) characteristic of sand leakage hole at the bottom of the craft had sand deposition prevention effect. When using the steel scaffolding planks, build scaffolding steel pipe can be reduced, and can improve the efficiency of building. Lower than wood, scrapped after so many years still can recycle 35% - 35% of the investment and strengths.

Once the bamboo scaffolding defects with wooden planks used more and more obvious, so the use of steel catwalk planks gradually replaced the these products, has a lot of improvement in performance, security, dominant in the market. With the development of construction, steel scaffolding planks has great prospects for development. Hot dip galvanized steel scaffolding planks is shipbuilding, repairing yard in construction engineering and construction, equipment company set up scaffolding matching using a kind of form a complete set of things.