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Anti-Erosion Property of Hot Dipped Galvanized Scaffolding Planks

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Anti-Erosion Property of Hot Dipped Galvanized Scaffolding Planks
Issue Time:2019-11-29
Scaffolding planks two kinds of galvanized steel sheet on the surface after galvanizing processing of the surface of the steel scaffolding planks to a little dark than cold galvanizing. Some people may think, the brighter the steel scaffolding planks as a whole will be more beautiful, actually otherwise, if used for a period of time can be found among them mystery, cold galvanizing will rust quickly, and galvanizing.

Hot galvanizing is also called hot dip galvanized, de-rusting good steel scaffolding planks into the liquid zinc melting 500 degrees, the zinc layer adhered on the surface of the steel members, which have the purpose of corrosion protection. Hot galvanizing process: finished pickling - water - plus help solution - drying - plating - cooling - medicine - - polishing - hot dip galvanized finished cleaning.

Cold galvanizing process is used to protect metals to prevent corrosion, therefore using the coating, zinc filler in the method of using any kind of coating coated on the surface to be protected, forming zinc filler after drying coating, zinc in the dry coating containing part. Once the surface zinc coating is worn off, scaffolding planks will soon be on the surface of steel corrosion rust. Steel scaffolding planks for light weight, mobile convenience, installation is simple to use, must want to know their safety knowledge.Steel scaffolding planks, the key is to build a new steel scaffolding planks lifting point method, must have sufficient strength and embedded steel ring or safe use wall bolts.