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Brief Intro on the Advantages of Ringlock Scaffolding Products

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Brief Intro on the Advantages of Ringlock Scaffolding Products
Issue Time:2019-11-27
1, Ringlock scaffold has reliable two-way self-locking ability sub parts: the first bar and stud in the function of the connection part, mainly by design structure to realize and ensure that reduce the shortcomings of traditional scaffolding by artificial lock, make the staff manual this unstable factors minimized; Second in the same node multiple rail with the same connection locking form from the traditional dry interlock type into a single independent to each other with all forms of self-locking. The traditional scaffold on the same node, when a bar after the lock release, and other rail lever lock will be destroyed under the scaffolding planks.

2, economy and good comprehensive performance: the scaffolding system without any active parts, only consists of two class member, rod, bar, rod, bar all made in factories, in the first place can maximize prevent the traditional scaffolding parts easy to lost, damaged, thereby reducing the economic loss of construction unit; Lock a second without any activity, Ringlock scaffold in the use of each node in the strain and stress of a reasonable distribution, mechanical properties and reasonable, to ensure its good stiffness and the overall stability, maximum limit to prevent the traditional activity on scaffolding lock parts caused by unsafe hidden trouble.

3, installation is more convenient and faster, in use, only need to put the bar on both ends of the plug insert poling, corresponding to the taper hole are coming out again, its take down the quick and the quality of the galvanized catwalk steel grating is a traditional scaffold cannot reach. The set speed down the 8 to 10 times that of fastener steel pipe scaffold, is a bowl of scaffold more than 2 times.