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Ringlock Scaffolding Industries Developing Along With the Trend

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Ringlock Scaffolding Industries Developing Along With the Trend
Issue Time:2019-11-21
Because the building is in the plane of the fan, the curve radius is small, so the need for curve of scaffolding. Through calculation, the outer arc scaffold with three internode as a group, inner arc scaffolding is a set with 4-5 internode, and consists of a number line.

Poling of the longitudinal spacing between 1.2 1.5 meters, the horizontal spacing of 1.2 meters, the spacing of the medial wall poling distance ranging between 0.3-0.5 meters. Wheel button scaffolding arrangement needs, according to the actual situation to determine the construction, and must ensure the safety of the construction and normal operation.

Vertical layout scaffolding of step height. Round buckle scaffold of step height 1.8 meters, along the whole build step to set up 42.To be on the safe side, is divided into three sections of unloading, and choose the 15th floor layer of step for unloading, respectively in 8 and 16 layer of floor slab edge beam fan position set hanging nodes. Control of the wheel button scaffolding, according to the specific circumstances to determine the construction guarantee normal orderly construction.

Rachel unloading rod to set on the suspension unloading layer, vertical pole and horizontal pole point of every intersection is suspended. In order to balance the suspension layer of the horizontal thrust, when unloading layer added a horizontal bar, to roof and wall structure tightly, on the upper floor of the corresponding bits embedded Rachel Angle.

After waiting for concrete strength up to 20 mpa, start the installation unloading rod Rachel, Rachel, rod with a diameter of the top of the 16 mm round steel, the middle with a 20 mm diameter basket adjusted screw, lower a scaffolding rope must be used under unloading layer of poling under the bowl.