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What Is the Assurance Way to Erect Scaffolding in the Construction Project

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What Is the Assurance Way to Erect Scaffolding in the Construction Project
Issue Time:2019-11-15
1. The scaffold erection according to the height of the building, shape structure, determine the scaffolding, form.

2. Before the erection of, should use the tools, steel pipes, fasteners, sit, rack bottom painted steel metal planks inspection, such as steel pipe should be straight, fasteners, bolts, intact.

3. The set-up or non-professional personnel shall not dismantle scaffold.

4 Set-up to  shelves according to the authorized agencies contact order set-up, the requirement of the demolition services have to use unit.

5. Build a new scaffold, without the consent of the original shelf unit, shall not be connected to the original scaffold erection.

6. Shelves should conform to the requirements of the specification, more than 15 m high shelves and hanging rack must first through design, special construction scaffolding shall prepare detailed construction work instructions.

7. The scaffold general acceptance by the user, the acceptance shall have the book visa single and listed on the face to face.

8. Scaffolding shall regularly check, especially in the high winds, heavy rains and thawing period after more inspection should be strengthened, stop using the scaffolding for a long time in recovery before use, should be the safety inspection, appraisal as it can use.

9. Dismantle scaffold should be performed in accordance with the provisions, and to remove large scaffold and high risk bigger independent scaffolding, should prepare a detailed construction safety technical measures, by the relevant department audit, approval to implement.

10. No unit or individual shall not be arbitrarily damage, dismantle scaffold, violators punished according to the relevant provisions of the project. Such as accidents and full responsibility shall be borne by the damaged units, including economic.
11. Scaffolding planks shall be in a setting clear scaffolding state identification card.