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How Many Kinds Can be Scaffolding Planks Be Divided Into

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How Many Kinds Can be Scaffolding Planks Be Divided Into
Issue Time:2019-11-14
Divided into Angle steel scaffolding planks scaffolding planks and hot dip galvanized steel, Angle steel scaffolding planks hot galvanizing steel, Angle steel sheet is the rust off the scaffolding planks, has the advantages of corrosion resistance, prevent light.
Compared with Angle steel scaffolding planks galvanized steel scaffolding planks has the following advantages:

A. high degree of security:
Traditional wooden plank easy cracking, corrosion, easy to burn, prone to accidents. Fall off Angle steel sheet is easy to rust, galvanized steel scaffolding planks has corrosion resistance, fire, etc. 

B. easy installation fast:
Same specifications of the scaffold board, wood board is the weight of the steel scaffolding 1.5 2 times, but after the rain is heavier wooden planks after absorbing water, and extreme non-slip, very prone to accidents, workers step-stone scaffold board, board to 2 men, and galvanized steel scaffolding planks for one person can take 2-4 pieces, greatly improve the efficiency of the construction, high strength also reduces the number of the frame tube.

C. long service life:
Wooden board because of its characteristics of heat bilges cold shrink after turnover in the use of 3 to 5 times, can no longer safe continuous use, and the intensity of hot dip galvanized steel scaffolding planks is high, not easy out of shape not easily corroded, greatly improving the service life and cost savings.

D. easy to management:
Due to the wooden planks, disadvantages of the stencil scaffold board and has gradually can not adapt to the scale of enterprise management mode. High strength galvanized steel scaffolding planks has become a trend of the construction and installation industry. Especially the scene of the galvanized steel scaffolding planks can be neatly stacked, greatly improving the image of the enterprise.