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Fourteen tips when using scaffolding 1 .

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Fourteen tips when using scaffolding 1 .
Issue Time:2019-11-06
 1. The construction load (person, material and machine weight) used on the 1 m2 surface of the working layer shall not exceed the following specified values ​​or construction design values; the standard value of the construction load (weight of personnel, utensils and materials on the working floor), The structure scaffolding takes 3kN/m2 and the decoration scaffold takes 2kN/m2.
2. The total weight of mortar and container shall not exceed 1.5kN; the weight of construction equipment shall not exceed 1kN, and the weight of components used for handling and installation on the frame shall not exceed 2.5kN. The number of construction steps of the structure during construction shall not exceed two layers, and the load per layer shall not exceed 3KN/m2. The construction load of scaffolding during decoration shall be strictly controlled. At the same time, the number of construction steps shall not exceed three layers, and the working load per layer shall not exceed 2KN/m2.
3. The materials placed on the frame should be placed neatly and steadily, without affecting the construction operation and personnel access.
4. The maximum working height of the operator on the rack should be such that normal operation is possible. It is forbidden to add a pad or a single scaffolding on the shelf to increase the operating height.
5. During the operation, it is forbidden to dismantle the basic frame members, integral rods, connecting fasteners, safety nets and wall-connecting parts of the scaffold. If it is necessary to temporarily dismantle the operation requirements, the temporary reinforcement measures must be taken with the consent of the supervisor and resumed in time after the operation is completed.
6. Workers should pay attention to self-safety protection and the safety of others in the operation of the shelves to avoid collisions, flashes and falling objects. It is strictly forbidden to rest on the shelves and sit on the railings and other unsafe places. Don't rush to walk or do something on the shelf, avoiding imbalances when you hide from each other.
7. The upper and lower scaffolding of the personnel must be safely connected to the access (ladder) road. It is strictly forbidden to climb the scaffolding up and down.