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Scaffolding safety and civilized construction points 1 .

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Scaffolding safety and civilized construction points 1 .
Issue Time:2019-11-05
The acceptance of floor-standing scaffolding in this paper is described in six aspects: general requirements, materials, scissors support (master control), poles, foundation and wall components.

First, basic requirements (general)
1 The height of the erection should not exceed 50m, and more than 50m must organize expert argumentation;
2 The erecting personnel must be certified and put on protective equipment;
3 The progress of the outer frame is faster than the structural construction progress, ensuring the protection height;
4 Materials and garbage shall not accumulate on the frame;
5 The exterior façade has a building and floor sign.

Second, material (emphasis)
1 The steel pipe has no deformation or crack, and the thickness and diameter meet the requirements of the specification;
2 The fastener has no cracks and sliding wire, and the torque meets the requirements of the specification;
3 Use flame-retardant dense mesh safety net.

Third, scissors support (master)
1 The width should not be less than 4 spans, and should not be less than 6m, and the inclination angle of the inclined rods to the ground should be between 45° and 60°;
2 continuously set the scissors support on the entire length and height of the outer façade;
3 The length of the lap joint shall not be less than 1 m and shall be fixed by not less than 2 rotating fasteners.

Fourth, pole (emphasis)
1 The spacing between the poles is in accordance with the specifications and program requirements;
2 Do not appear hanging poles.

Fifth, basic (general)
1 The foundation should be smoothed and hardened with concrete, and a drainage open channel should be set at 500mm outside the frame;
2 A long pad must be placed at the bottom of each pole and a sweeping rod is provided.

Sixth, wall piece (master)
1 Adopt rigid wall parts, the number of connected wall parts meets the requirements of the specification;
2 The wall piece must be connected to the inner and outer two rows of poles.