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Full scaffolding technology 1 .

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Full scaffolding technology 1 .
Issue Time:2019-10-31
First : Project Overview:
Second : Safety warning signs
The site is arranged according to the plan of the general plan, and safety signs are set at the entrances, exits, dangerous goods and fire-fighting facilities.
There are safety slogans at the construction site, and safety warning signs are set in the danger zone.
1.    Surrounding, hole and high work
1.1 When the outer frame is erected and dismantled, a warning zone shall be set up and special personnel shall be supervised. It is strictly forbidden to remove both up and down
1.2 Set up protective measures for the operation of the high side, and meet the following requirements:
(1) Steel pipe protection railings are installed around the foundation pit and around the floor.
(2) Install temporary railings on the stairway and step side of the layered construction; install the formal protective railings along the progress of the project structure at the top stairway.
(3) Construction elevators and scaffoldings and other sides of the building passages shall be provided with protective railings, and safety protection sheds shall be installed at the upper part of the ground passages. The double cage elevator channel is closed in the middle.
2.    Safety production target and guarantee system
Safety objectives: The general light injury rate is controlled below 1.5‰, to prevent major casualties, fire accidents and major mechanical accidents, and to prevent the construction process from endangering the safety hazards of the staff and teachers and students.