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What should be noted about the steel cantilevered scaffolding 2 ?

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What should be noted about the steel cantilevered scaffolding 2 ?
Issue Time:2019-10-30
Scaffolding removal
First, The preparation work for dismantling is not completed before the outer frame is removed.
1. Demolition of scaffolding should be carried out according to the special plan. Before dismantling, the following preparations should be made:
2, should fully check whether the fastener connection, walling, support system, etc. of the scaffold meet the requirements;
3. The demolition sequence and measures in the special scheme of scaffolding should be supplemented and improved according to the inspection results, and implemented after approval;
4. The construction personnel should be paid before the dismantling;
5. The debris and ground obstacles on the scaffolding should be removed;
6. Within the scope of work, set up a warning line; scaffolding should be guarded by special personnel.

Second,The scaffolding removal work is not carried out in the order of scaffolding removal, and the disassembled components are directly thrown to the ground.
1. Demolition of single and double-row scaffolding must be carried out from top to bottom. It is strictly forbidden to work up and down at the same time; the wall parts must be removed layer by layer with the scaffolding. It is strictly forbidden to remove the whole or multiple layers of the wall parts and then remove the scaffolding; When the height difference of the section removal is greater than two steps, additional wall reinforcement shall be added.
2. It is strictly forbidden to throw the parts to the ground when unloading.