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Safety technology for door-type steel scaffolding with scaffolding 1 .

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Safety technology for door-type steel scaffolding with scaffolding 1 .
Issue Time:2019-10-29
1. Before installing the full scaffolding, the vertical and horizontal position lines of the gantry should be ejected on the floor or the ground and leveled.
2. The span and spacing of the gantry shall be determined according to the actual load, and the general spacing shall not be greater than 1.2m.
3. Cross-support should be set on both sides of each row of gantry, and should be locked with lock pin and gantry pole. It should not be arbitrarily removed during construction.
4. Horizontal or scaffolding should be set at each step. The top step operation layer shall be full of scaffolding plates, and shall be fixed with the gantry beam by a reliable connection method. The gaps larger than 200 mm shall be hung with a safety flat net.
5. The horizontal reinforcement rod shall be continuously set in every 5 rows and 5 rows of the top, bottom and middle of the surrounding scaffolding, and the fasteners shall be fastened with the door frame.
6. Scissors should be placed at intervals of 15m on the outside and inside of the full frame. The width of the scissors should not exceed 4 spans or spacing. The angle between the inclined bar and the ground should be 45°~60°.
7. The distance between the full hall scaffolding from the edge of the wall or other structures should be less than 0.5m, and railings should be placed around.