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What are the regulations for the laying of scaffolding boards or other working floors 2 ?

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What are the regulations for the laying of scaffolding boards or other working floors 2 ?
Issue Time:2019-10-28
5) When laying the frame surface with the following plates, the spacing of the lower support bars shall not be greater than: 400mm for the bamboo raft and 500mm for the seven-ply.
6) When the lower part of the scaffold adopts the double pole, the main pole should be erected to the top along its vertical axis, the center distance between the auxiliary pole and the main pole should not exceed 200mm, and the main auxiliary pole must be with all the intersecting poles. Make a reliable connection.
7) The cantilever beam and frame used for supporting, lifting and hanging scaffolding must be reliably connected with the supporting structure. The cantilever end should have an appropriate amount of erection, and the horizontal error between the beam and the upper surface of the same layer should be no more than 20mm, and an integral pull structure should be provided between them as needed to maintain overall stability.
8) When installing wall-to-wall or other tension members, pay attention to the tightness of the tension to avoid significant deformation of the rod and frame.
9) When the workers are erecting on the rack, the necessary number of scaffolding boards should be laid on the work surface and temporarily fixed. Workers must wear safety helmets and wear safety belts. It is not allowed to install heavier rod fittings and other unsafe work that is prone to imbalance, disengagement, collision, slipping, etc.
10) Do not arbitrarily change the frame design, reduce the rod fitting setting and the vertical length of the pole to make the frame size enlargement of ≥100mm. If there is any actual situation and needs to be adjusted and changed, it should be submitted or requested by the technical supervisor.