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What are the general requirements for scaffolding steel pipe erection 2 ?

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What are the general requirements for scaffolding steel pipe erection 2 ?
Issue Time:2019-10-23
4. The main node of the scaffold (ie, the vertical pole, the horizontal horizontal rod, and the horizontal joint of the three horizontal rods) must be provided with a horizontal horizontal rod fastened with right angle fasteners and prohibited to be removed. The center distance of the two right angle fasteners at the main node should not be greater than 150 mm. In the double-row scaffolding, the outer horizontal extension of the horizontal horizontal rod against the end of the wall shall not be greater than 0.4 times the horizontal distance of the vertical pole, and shall not be greater than 500 mm; the horizontal horizontal rod at the non-main node on the working layer shall be based on the supporting scaffold Need to be equally spaced, the maximum spacing should not be greater than 1/2 of the longitudinal distance.
5. The scaffolding of the working layer should be covered and stabilized, leaving the wall 120~150mm; the narrow-length scaffolding, such as stamping steel scaffolding, wooden scaffolding, bamboo string scaffolding, etc., should be placed on three horizontal horizontal poles. . When the length of the scaffold is less than 2m, two horizontal horizontal rod supports can be used, but the ends of the scaffold should be reliably fixed to prevent tipping. The wide bamboo slab scaffolding shall be laid in the direction perpendicular to the longitudinal horizontal rod of the main bamboo rib, and the butt joint shall be tiling, and the four corners shall be fixed on the longitudinal horizontal rod by galvanized steel wire.
6. The bottom of the pole should be provided with a base or a pad. Scaffolding must be provided with vertical and horizontal sweeping bars. The longitudinal sweeping rod should be fixed on the vertical pole of the base of the base not more than 200mm with right angle fasteners. The horizontal sweeping rod should also be fixed on the vertical pole below the longitudinal sweeping rod with right angle fasteners. When the foundation of the pole is not at the same height, the longitudinal sweeping rod at the height must be extended to the lower part to fix the two spans to the pole, and the height difference should not be greater than lm. The distance from the axis of the pole above the slope to the slope should not be less than 500mm.