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What are the safety technical requirements for scaffolding?

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What are the safety technical requirements for scaffolding?
Issue Time:2019-10-22
Scaffolding works are high-altitude operations, and its safety technical requirements are mainly:
1 Must have a sound construction plan and be approved by the person in charge of the enterprise.
2 There must be perfect safety protection measures, and safety nets, safety guardrails and safety guards should be set up according to regulations.
3 Operators should be on the shelf, and there must be a safe escalator, ladder or ramp.
4 There must be good external power protection, lightning protection devices, steel scaffolding, etc. should be reliably grounded, and lightning protection devices should be installed above the scaffolding of buildings.
5 It is necessary to set the sweeping rod, the wall piece and the scissors to ensure the frame is firm.
6 The scaffolding board should be covered and stabilized. The probe board should not be left. It is necessary to ensure that there are 3 support points and the binding is firm.
7 During the erection and use of scaffolding, it is necessary to check at any time, often remove the garbage on the rack, pay attention to the load on the control rack, and prohibit the excessive stacking of materials on the rack and crowding together.
8 After the project resumes work and wind, rain and snow, the scaffold should be inspected in detail. It is found that there are vertical subsidence, suspended space, loose joints, and skewed shelves.
9 If there is strong wind or heavy fog or heavy rain above level 6, the high-altitude operation should be suspended, and the anti-slip measures should be taken after the rain and snow.