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Ringlock scaffolding specification model introduction

Ringlock scaffolding specification model introduction
Issue Time:2019-10-16
There are many types of ringlock scaffolding models, so there are two systems for the buckle-type scaffolding, the M48 rack system and the M60 bracket system. The different models used in different systems are different.
Let us first talk about the main plum parts of the button-type hand. Its main components are cross bar, pole, and diagonal bar. The upper bar has a fixed plate, and the connecting plate has a diameter of 133mm. The M48 outer frame system is equipped with a tube. Used for the lands. The weight is 0.46KG/piece, and the M60 support system is equipped with a 0.55KG/piece connection. The country is welded above the pole and welded one every 0.5 meters.
The ringlock scaffolding is divided into two diameters. The outer frame system is 48mm, and the outer diameter of the pipe system is 60mm. The two national standard thickness specifications are 3.2mm, and the length gauge is between 500--3000mm. Rod-like 48mm diameter steel pipe, GB standard gauge 2.5mm, length gauge 600-2400mm, diagonal rod diameter 33mm, thickness 23mm, various lengths can be based on the road
All the components of Zhonghong ringlock scaffolding are fed with the technology. The thickness of zinc is in line with the standard of the target, and the anti-defense effect is good. This is a brief introduction to the model of ringlock scaffolding. Le, mainly depends on the actual situation of the project. If it is only enough to set up the external M48 frame system, such as the project with high bearing capacity, it is recommended to use the M60 bracket system, so that the safety factor is higher and the direct work is safer.