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Introduction to masonry scaffolding

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Introduction to masonry scaffolding
Issue Time:2019-10-12
Masonry scaffolding refers to the scaffolding used to build various walls and columns. Except for the foundation bricks, excluding the masonry scaffolding, all the walls, columns and trenches are to be built. In general, the height of the building is 1.2m or more, and the masonry scaffolding must be calculated.
Masonry scaffolding generally includes two types of scaffolding and scaffolding. In the comprehensive base price, the external wall scaffold is divided into two sub-items: single-row and double-row. Each sub-item is divided into several sub-items according to the height of the wall to meet the needs of various situations. The scaffolding integrated base price sub-head is mainly used for masonry interior walls, and can also be used for masonry exterior walls. However, as the height of the building continues to increase, it is unsafe to use the scaffolding exterior wall construction. Therefore, it is generally not suitable to use the scaffolding. Exterior wall.
When calculating the amount of masonry scaffolding, the area occupied by the door and window openings and the empty ring openings (including the passage through the building) will not be deducted.
1. External wall masonry scaffolding
(1) Exterior wall scaffolding masonry exterior wall
a, the applicable conditions of single-row, double-row scaffolding enterprise quota
For buildings with a height of 15 m or more, the corresponding enterprise quota for double-row scaffolding shall be implemented.
If the height of the external wall of the building is less than 15m, the corresponding enterprise quota for single-row scaffolding should generally be implemented.
Although the height of the external wall of the building is less than 15m, as long as one of the following conditions is met, the external wall masonry scaffolding that meets the conditional façade can be used for the corresponding enterprise quota of the double-row scaffolding. The rest do not meet the conditional façade, and still implement the corresponding enterprise quota for single-row scaffolding:
1 door and window opening and decoration area occupying 60% of the outer wall area of ​​the corresponding façade;
2 The design drawings clearly stipulate that the external wall of the eye should not be allowed to be built.
b. Calculation of engineering quantity of external wall scaffolding
External wall scaffolding engineering quantity = outer wall outer line length × masonry height
c, matters needing attention
When the thickness of the external wall exceeds two bricks (excluding two bricks), in addition to the external scaffolding according to the regulations, the same fashion should be calculated according to the calculation of the scaffolding, which should be calculated according to the double-sided scaffolding.
When the height of the external wall does not exceed 3.6m, the scaffolding of the external wall shall be carried out in the scaffolding enterprise quota.
Scaffolding, such as wall slabs with a width of 240 mm or less, and a wall-mounted chimney are not included. When the width exceeds 240mm, the calculation is carried out according to the size shown in the figure and incorporated into the external scaffolding engineering quantity.