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Scaffolding erection specification (2)

Scaffolding erection specification (2)
Issue Time:2019-10-11
(6) Bottom and acceptance.
1. Before the scaffolding is set up, the safety of the shelf workers should be carried out, and the content of the delivery should be targeted.
2. After the scaffolding is set up, the company will organize the sub-section acceptance (generally no more than 3 steps), and go through the acceptance procedures. The acceptance form shall indicate the part of the acceptance, and the content quantitative inspection and acceptance personnel shall perform the acceptance and signing procedures. If the acceptance is unqualified, the acceptance form shall be re-filled after the rectification is completed. Scaffolding can be used after passing the acceptance and hanging the qualified card.
3. Scaffolding should be regularly inspected and irregularly inspected, and the checklist should be filled in as required, the contents of the inspection should be quantified, and the inspection and signing procedures should be performed. The problems detected should be rectified in time, and the project department should check at least once every half month.

(7) Small crossbar setting
1. The outer shelf is set at the intersection of the vertical and the big cross, and the two ends are fixed at the vertical to ensure the safety.
2, the small crossbar should be placed under the big crossbar, the upper end of the top support (only refers to the bamboo scaffold).
3. The ends of the small horizontal sills are not less than 10cm and should be kept as consistent as possible.

(8) Bar overlap
1. The steel pipe scaffolding stand must be docked, the large crossbow can be docked and lapped, the scissor support and other shackles are lapped, the lap length is not less than 40cm, and no less than two fasteners are fastened.
2. The adjacent parts must be staggered and butt jointed, and the joint on the same plane must not exceed 50%.

(9) Closed inside the frame
1. The clearance of the wall of the scaffolding frame is generally not more than 20cm. If it is larger than 20cm, the station piece must be laid, and the station piece is set flat and firm.
2. The barrier between the pole and the building in the scaffolding construction layer should be closed.
3. The outer frame below the construction layer should be closed every 3 steps and at the bottom with a dense mesh or other measures.

(10) Scaffolding material
1. Steel pipe scaffolding should use A3 steel pipe with outer diameter of 48m and wall thickness of 3.5um. The surface is smooth and smooth, without rust, crack, delamination, indentation, scribe and hard bend. The new steel pipe has factory certificate. Before erecting the shelf, it should be maintained, derusted and uniformly painted, and the color should be beautiful.
2. The fasteners used for the construction of steel pipe scaffolds shall comply with the requirements of the “Standards for Steel Pipe Foot Fasteners” of the Ministry of Construction. There are fastener production licenses, the specifications are matched with the steel pipes, the malleable cast iron is used, and no forgings such as cracks, pores, shrinkage, and blisters are allowed. Defects, stickers and faces should be flat, flexible parts, and the minimum distance at the opening when clamping steel pipes is not less than 5mm
3, the bottom row of the raft and the sweeping floor are painted red and white

(11) Channel
1. The outer scaffolding should be set up and down the pedestrian ramp, attached to the outside of the scaffolding, and should not be overhanged. The setting of the ramp should be round-folded up and down, the slope is not more than 1:3, the width is not less than 1M, and the platform area at the corner is not less than 3m2. The ramps shall be provided separately and shall not be borrowed from the scaffolding and shall be connected at intervals of one step or one vertical in the vertical and horizontal directions.
2. 1.2M high protective railings and 30cm high kicking clubs shall be provided on both sides of the ramp and on the corner of the corner platform, and shall be closed with a qualified dense mesh safety net.
3, the side of the ramp and the outside of the plane should be set up with scissors
4, the ramp road hand piece should be used horizontally, every 20-30cm set a non-slip strip, anti-slip strip should use 40 × 60mm square wood, and multiple lines of wire tied firmly.
5. There should be an access channel between the outer frame and each floor. The slope should be no more than 1:3 and the width should be no less than 1M. The channel should be laid with wooden boards. 12M high protective railings and 30cm high kicking rods should be set on both sides and fixed firmly.
6, the ramps and the entrance and exit channels of the plaque, kicking ankle uniform paint red and white.