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Scaffolding erection specifications (1)

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Scaffolding erection specifications (1)
Issue Time:2019-10-11
(1) Construction plan
1. According to the actual project, the special construction plan for scaffolding is prepared. The plan is targeted, can effectively guide the construction, and clarify the safety technical measures.
2. Set up the outer frame with the twist below 25M. There should be a plan for the unfolding of the frame and the building, the drawing of the frame and the floor plan.
3. If the outer frame with a twist of more than 25M and less than 50M is to be erected, the strengthening measures such as the double steel pipe vertical sill or the narrowing of the spacing should be adopted, except for the drawing of the frame and the floor plan of the frame and the building. The basic practice of scaffolding should also be explained.
4. To set up an outer frame with a twist of more than 50M, there should be detailed drawings of design calculations and unloading methods, drawing detailed drawings of the frame and the building, the facade of the site, the layout of the floor, and explaining the basic practices of the scaffolding.
5. The special construction plan for the outer frame, including the calculation book and the unloading method, must be approved, signed and sealed by the person in charge of the enterprise.

(2) Pole foundation
1. The bamboo scaffolding is required to be deeply buried in the underground 30cn and supported on the wooden block (block). After the foundation is compacted, the floor top support is supported on the wooden board or cement block, and the vertical and horizontal connections are arranged to sweep the floor. In the upper part of the foundation of the foundation, the shovel can be used without pouring.
2. The foundation of the steel pipe scaffold is flat and compact, and the concrete is hardened. The standing floor is placed vertically on the metal base, the floor, and the prefabricated concrete.
3. A drainage ditch with a section of not less than 20×20 cm is provided on the outside of the base of the vertical raft, and a pavement of 80 cm or more is provided on the outside.
4. The external scaffolding should not be supported on roofs, canopies, balconies, etc. It is true that the scaffolding required for the project should be calculated separately for the structural stability of the external frame and roof, canopy, balcony, etc. and effective safety measures should be taken. The design calculation and safety measures must be approved and signed by the technical person in charge of the enterprise.

(3) Frame and building tie
1. The scaffolding and the building are not more than 7M in the horizontal direction, and the pulling point is not more than 4M in the vertical direction. The pull point is encrypted at the corner and the top, that is, a pull point is set in the vertical direction within a range of 1M in the vertical direction of no more than 4M, and a pull point is set in the horizontal direction within a range of 80cm or less in the horizontal direction of not more than 7M.
2, the outer joint of the steel pipe should be rigidly knotted; the outer frame of the bamboo with two parallel δ wire lead and the flexible pull knot (both pull and support) ε pull knot should ensure that its movement is prevented, and Try to set up at the large and small crossbar joints of the outer frame
3. The drawing point of the exterior wall decoration stage must also meet the requirements. If the original drawing point needs to be removed due to the construction needs, the reliable and effective temporary pulling knot must be re-installed to ensure the safety and reliability of the outer frame.

(4), the distance between the vertical and the scissors
1. The step size of the bamboo scaffolding is not more than 1.8M, the longitudinal length of the pole is not more than 1.5M, the horizontal distance is not more than 1.3M, and the total height of the shelf shall not exceed 25M. 2. The bottom of the steel pipe scaffolding step is not more than 2M, the rest is not more than 1.8M, the vertical length is not more than 1.8M, and the horizontal distance is not more than 1.5M. If the height of the erection exceeds 25M, it must be set up by means of double vertical sill or narrowing the spacing. More than 50M should be specially designed and calculated. 3. The spacing of the poles at the corners of the shelves should meet the requirements for erection.
4. Set the scissors support on the outside of the scaffold. The scaffolding end starts to set a row of scissors support according to the horizontal distance not exceeding 9M. The scissor struts are placed at an angle of 45°-60° with the ground, and are continuously set from bottom to top and left and right. The intersection with other components should be connected (bundled) and extended above the top large crossbar. Bamboo scaffolding scissors should be buried deeper than 30cm.
5, bamboo scaffolding must be set up the top support, the top support can effectively rest on the small horizontal squat, no shifting or deviation.
6. It is strictly forbidden to set up a single row of scaffolding.

(5) Scaffolding and protective railings
1. The outer scaffolding of buildings below 25M shall be filled with at least one layer in the middle except for the operation layer and the upper and lower layers, the bottom layer and the top layer of the operation layer. The outer frame of buildings above 25M shall be laid with layers of scaffolding. The decorative stage must be layered with foot scrapers.
2, the full-layered scaffolding must be laid vertically across the wall, full floor in place, leaving no space, can not take effective and protective measures.
3, the scaffolding must be used in no less than 18# lead wire double-strand parallel tie no less than 4 points, requires strong binding, smooth junction, no probe board. The scaffolding piece is intact, and the damaged one should be replaced in time.
4. The outside of the scaffolding must be closed by a qualified dense mesh safety net certified by the competent construction department, and the safety net should be fixed on the inside of the scaffolding outer pole. It is not appropriate to surround the net on the outside of each pole. The safety net application is not less than 18#.
5. From the second step, the outside of the scaffold must be equipped with 1.2M high-strength protective fence and 30cm 髙 kicking ankle. The top row of protective rafts is not less than 2, and the twist is 0.9M and 1.3M respectively. Inside the scaffold, there is a 1.2M high fence and a 30cm high kicker.
6, the height of the scaffold, the vertical pole is lower than the mouth 50cm, the flat roof outer pole is higher than the mouth 1-1.2M, the slope roof is higher than 1.5M.