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What Are the Mobile Scaffolding Installation Regulations and Skills.

What Are the Mobile Scaffolding Installation Regulations and Skills.
Issue Time:2019-09-30
Mobile scaffold in the installation according to certain principles and ways for installation, to guarantee safety performance in practical use, will not produce a certain value, the influence of affect the safety of life. According to the construction area of calculation of the composite scaffold independent column and reinforced concrete wall and impending single beam, continuous beam, adornment of single scaffold:

(1) independent of brick, stone, reinforced concrete column, the column structure of outer circumference and 3.6 m times column high area computation; Using single row height below 3.6 m, scaffolding norm; More than 3.6 m double row scaffolding quota to corresponding height.

(2) the cast-in-place reinforced concrete wall, calculate with square meter, according to the length of the wall structure multiplied by the height to the corresponding height of double row scaffolding project.

(3) the cast-in-place reinforced concrete beam or continuous beam, the floor surface is designed according to the beam structure length times outdoor (or floor surface) to the height of beam end face calculate with square meter, to use the double row scaffolding project of corresponding height, that is associated with the frame column is no longer calculate scaffolding.

All the mobile scaffoldings have such features as follows:  Up to 1.3m Standing Height; 2 individual pieces only (each weighing only 12kg) ;Easy to carry, store and transport; Less than 30 seconds to assemble; Perfect for reaching up to 3m
1 x Foldscaf - Scaffold Tower
1 x Trap Door Platform - Fold-Up Mini
1 x Horizontal Brace - Fold-Up Mini
4 x Mini Scaffold Wheels