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Scaffold Board and Ramps Plate Spread on the Frame Rail

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Scaffold Board and Ramps Plate Spread on the Frame Rail
Issue Time:2019-09-30
Scaffold board and ramps plate spread on the frame rail. When rent mobile scaffolding, all scaffolding working staff must come down, someone working on the ban mobile scaffold. Set scaffold erection of scaffolding work leaders for inspection and issue a written confirmation of qualified use. The two ends of the scaffolding shall be put on the rail and fixed firmly.

Metal scaffolding poling, necessary vertically on the plate, to the ground before settle plate ramming, leveling. Scaffolds shall be equipped with solid ladder to work staff and transporting materials up and down. With a lifting device when lifting heavy objects, not the lifting device and connected to the structure of the scaffold. When laying bamboo or wood, both ends must tie is firm, it is forbidden to be put into use without binding. Scaffolding rod should be vertical, the vertical deflection shall not exceed 1/200 of the height, pole spacing is less than 2 meters.

When acceptance of scaffolding, appearance inspection should be made for all parts to use rail system and implement the acceptance and quotation. Steel tube columns should be set metal base, the geological soft foundation should be mat board or a sweeping the floor. Scaffolding lateral ramps, platform setting, 1.05 meters fence.

Scaffolding is allowed to have joint in a span. Pick scaffold general ledger step distance of 1.2 meters, and added a brace, brace is not more than 30 ° angle with a vertical plane. Metal tube scaffold joint, the application of special hinge overlap each other, this kind of hinge used for right Angle, also used for acute and obtuse Angle (used to brace, etc.).