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How to Prepare the Tubular Scaffolding Technical Disclosure

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How to Prepare the Tubular Scaffolding Technical Disclosure
Issue Time:2019-09-27
Erection of steel pipe key points of construction technology of cantilever scaffolding erection must be in accordance with regulations of the construction organization design of construction and erection of the order. General process is as follows: the short steel - embedding short reinforcement - set-up level to erect stem, erection of steel pipe bearing truss rod to connect helped wall support, erection of bracing to pave bar bamboo plate, partner of examination and acceptance of the foot and the rail - pitched safety net - to pay to use.

According to the project features: double row spacing steel pipe scaffold made building control at about 30 cm. Must cooperate with construction schedule. Set-up height above the operational layer one at a time step. Poling row spacing is not greater than 2 m, spacing of 1.2 m, the pipeline is 1.8 m. poling must adopt different lengths of steel pipe at the bottom of the vertical bar connection, must be staggered position, adjacent stud link should not be in the same height.

Stud connectors except the top a lap connection, the rest of the docking fastener connection must be used, the lap length should be not less than 1 m. vertical first root poling, across every 6 should be temporarily set a root and the ground is 45 ° ~ 60 ° brace. Vertical bar at the top of parapet above the top 1 m, above the eaves epithelium is not less than 1.5 m. scaffolding should adopt closed form, longitudinal bar in the scaffold with step distance must around the circle, one end of the lateral horizontal stem against the wall to wall decoration distance of 15 ~ 20 cm below.Each vertical stem base up 20 cm of the network must be set to sweep the floor, with a right-angle fastener and poling.