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Common Sense for the Construction of Scaffolding System

Common Sense for the Construction of Scaffolding System
Issue Time:2019-09-26
1, the scaffolding should have sufficient strength, stiffness and stability, ensure construction period under specified load without damage.

2, the scaffold should possess good structural integrity box of stability, guarantee not shake, tilt, deformation in use process, in order to ensure the user's personal safety and the reliability of the operation.

3, the scaffold should be set to prevent the operator falling boxes scattered material fall protection measures.

4, scaffolder, must wear safety helmet, wear your seat belt, wear soft shoes. Scaffold materials should be piled up smoothly, tools should be placed in tool bag, pass objects may not be throwing up and down.

5, use scaffolding is along the walls need to set up safety net, in case the materials fall hurts box of high altitude operation personnel's fall.

6, shall not use rotten boxes, severe cracking of bamboo, wood planks, or eat by moth, dry brittle, splitting of the material.

7, in rain, snow and freezing weather, the shelf to have prevent slippery measures, and clear the snow and ice slag before construction and clean.

8, carefully check should be made for scaffolding to resume work project found stud loose subsidence, dangling, node, shelves skew, etc., should be timely treatment.

9, scaffolding and voltage is 1 to 20 kv overhead transmission lines under the distance should not be less than 2 m, at the same time should be isolation protective measures.

10, the scaffold should have good anti lightning protection devices. Steel pipe scaffoldinging, steel tower frame should be reliable grounding device, every 50 m should be set in a long.