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What Are the Assured Ways to Install Scaffolding tube

What Are the Assured Ways to Install Scaffolding tube
Issue Time:2019-09-25
Metal hanging bar scaffolding tube spacing, generally shall not be greater than 2 m. With embedded in the ring (steel pin) must be strong, hanging ring spacing on both sides of the door window shall not be less than 24 cm, 60 cm only allowed set of the wall between the Windows of a hanging ring, a layer on the ring is located in the roof of not less than 75 cm.

Hanging bar wire rope around pick beam shall not be less than three times, card head clamp shall not be less than three, the first not less than two insurance rope hanging scaffolding tube bar, after each ascending to on the insurance rope hanging bar card. Wire rope friction with buildings or other components, approached application mat or pulley. Scattered in the above are going on in the removal of debris. 20, with lever hoist lifting crane column, manipulated into it is forbidden to throw forward pole and return to the pole at the same time, landing must first take the forward stem bushing, then throw back to the pole landed.

Bridge scaffold should strengthen support base, and use stow-wood pad, each layer must be connected to the building firm. At the ends of the Angle steel truss should be assembled on the ground, truss must be stuck on both sides of the Angle steel support frame. With chain or lever hoist ascends to fine the insurance rope, should immediately after a hung up with the supporting frame. 22, with steel pipe erection of derrick, promulgation and adjacent joints staggered not less than 50 cm, tringle and bracing (cross brace) to be installed at the same time. Slippery course must be vertical, two rails spacing error must not exceed 10 mm.