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How to Install the Attached Scaffolding in Your Construction Project

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How to Install the Attached Scaffolding in Your Construction Project
Issue Time:2019-09-24
According to the divided parts and supporting mode:

(1)Floor: the erection (bearing) on the floor, floor, roof, or other platform on top of the scaffold structure.
(2) cantilever type: the way of cantilever fixed scaffolding tube, its to choose the way and have the following 3 kinds.
1.Set up on the special cantilever beam;
2.Set up on the special cantilever triangle truss;
3.Set up in the brace bar a combination of a pick on the structure. It selects the structure has diagonal brace type braced and dinggu, etc.

(3)Scaffold:  attached to the wall in the central upper or pick hang hang in the wall on the shape of the scaffold.

(4) suspension scaffold: suspension under the cantilever beam or engineering structure of the scaffold.

(5) adhesive lifting scaffolding: (hereinafter referred to as \"climb\") attached to the engineering structure on its own lifting equipment lifting suspended scaffolding.

(6) the level of mobile scaffold: the scaffold with walking device or operating platform.
1.attached to the actual strength of the concrete of supporting structure has reached the scaffold design requirements.
2. all threaded connection nut has tightened.
3. should be removed have been evacuated from the construction of live load.
4. all obstacles have been removed, all unnecessary restrictions have been lifted.
5. power system can run normally.
6. all button bowl of scaffold join bowl has been tight.
7. all relevant personnel are in place, irrelevant personnel already evacuated.