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C Steel Tube in the New Scaffolding Formwork System

C Steel Tube in the New Scaffolding Formwork System
Issue Time:2019-09-24
As still in the stage of rapid economic development in our country, as a large number of consumption of resources, environmental construction, should be full implementation of green construction, undertake the social responsibility for sustainable development. Cast-in-place concrete roof construction formwork supports system, usually adopt wood square do keel support system. Adopt the supporting system, need to cost a lot of wood square, complicated operation, workload is big, construction efficiency is low, material flow, low utilization rate and the recovery of residual value is very small, not enough to meet the requirements of green construction.

This kind of supporting system of scaffolding tube, basically do not use wood square, convenient operation, small workload, construction of high efficiency, high material cycle utilization, and recovery of residual value is big, meet the needs of green construction, speed up the construction progress and reduce project cost.

Deputy keel scaffolding tube according to its length in four kinds of size: 2.79 m, 2.44 m, 2.1 m, 1.57 m, by the size of the deputy keel quality support area and support, can make the main keel with parallel main keel clearance on the surface of the wall is not greater than 290 mm. Lap method: (1) to adjust length of the main keel, adjust the main keel to the appropriate location. (2) the main keel received stud on it. (3) in the main keel of hanging groove on lap deputy keel. (4) use of stud and hollow jacking height adjustment. (5) support was complete.