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How Does It Need to Install the Mobile Scaffolding

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How Does It Need to Install the Mobile Scaffolding
Issue Time:2019-09-19
Mobile scaffolding has a simple installation, safe usage,  are developing fast in all kinds of new type of scaffolding, the earliest development, usage is also the most. Mobile scaffolding first developed by the United States, and 60 s, Europe, Japan and other countries successively application and development of this type of scaffolding. Beginning in the late 70s, China successively introduced from Japan, the United States, Britain and other countries and the use of this scaffolding.

Mobile scaffolding to be on the safe side, please be sure to follow the following matters, otherwise it may have collapsed to fall and other major accident:

1, do not use defective and damaged parts on the including black scaffolding tube.

2, please follow the installation sequence and the allowable load.

3, please abide by the attention on the use and construction.

4, before the mobile scaffolding, let all the workers from the scaffolding operat platform to the ground.

5, movement speed is less than 0.75 m/s, before moving, such as universal wheel by reason of the friction, failed to turn in place, do not forcibly push-pull stents and cause damage of the wheel and the whole scaffoldng is overturned.

6, should avoid as far as possible to support the level of the sudden shock, impact.

7, every 1.8 mx0.9 m homework, load should be less than 200kg.

8, it is strictly prohibited in the stand outside hanging the weight, prevent stent overturned because of severe eccentric load of the scaffolding tube.

9, universal wheel bearing capacity is 200 kg/a, don't make it due to overload damage.

10, movement in place, should be the wheel brakes on, will the wheel lock.