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More Information on the Low Alloyed Tubular Scaffolding

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More Information on the Low Alloyed Tubular Scaffolding
Issue Time:2019-09-18
At present, the use of steel tube scaffold is Q195, Q215 and Q235 carbon steel, and is generally used to developed countries is low alloy steel pipe. Low alloy steel pipe compared with general carbon steel pipe, the yield strength can be increased by 46%, 27% reduction in weight, resistant to atmospheric corrosion performance increased by 20% ~ 38%, the service life is increased by 25%. And domestic construction industry for high strength low alloy welding control rods used in construction scaffolding planks demand is big, the manufacturers are not actually many. Below small make up for all analysis and low alloy steel pipe instead of carbon-steel benefits:

One, to reduce the construction cost. Low alloy steel pipe every tons of price is 25% higher than carbon steel pipe, but the price of per meter can be 13% lower, at the same time, because of the low alloy steel pipe of light weight, transportation cost savings is very considerable.

Second, save a lot of steel. Low alloy steel with phi 48 mm x 2.5 mm instead of phi 48 mm x 3.5 mm of carbon-steel tubes, save steel metal planks instead of 1 ton per 270 kilograms. In addition, low alloy steel corrosion resistant performance is good, long service life and can save steel, but also to improve the economic benefit.

Three, because of the low alloy steel pipe scaffold of light weight, good physical and mechanical performance, can not only reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve working environment, and can improve construction efficiency, installation to create favorable conditions for construction safety and development of novel scaffold.

Therefore, replace general carbon steel pipe scaffold with low alloy steel pipe scaffold has significant economic and social benefits.