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Construction Process for The New Type Building Scaffolding

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Construction Process for The New Type Building Scaffolding
Issue Time:2019-09-18
Step 1: materials
The net size according to the room all the needed parts ready, ready to the early stage of the work.

Step 2: tie rod
Take two stud, stand in the side of the room, with two tie rod plug is installed between the two vertical rod, take the third root rods and two transverse rods, with the front two pole lap into 90 degrees, then take the fourth root rods and two transverse rods, with the former three poling supplying glyph splice, after all the poling tie rod with the above method will take full whole room, forming a set of new type construction scaffolding planks, according to the request of building height can be infinite.

Step 3: install the adjusting screw
New building scaffolding support, after a full in each vertical bar top, height adjustment screw nut to make adjustment.

Step 4: install the stare blankly
Dispatch new building scaffolding main stare blankly to suitable length, and then along the vertical bar on the direction of the adjusting screw, each row of poling adjusting screw top build a main stare blankly, openings, oriented in the same direction, the main stare blankly freedom according to room size scale.

Step 5: install a stare blankly.
New building scaffolding between going a while at installation all main, downwards, time going a while at both ends of the cartridge in the main on either side of the slot, fill up all the time, stare blankly.

Step 6: fine leveling
The all new building scaffolding galvanzied grating main after going a while at once and take, according to the building height adjustment screw nut, satisfies all the steel back of primary and secondary stare blankly building height.