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Why do We Use Scaffolding in a Construction Project?

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Why do We Use Scaffolding in a Construction Project?
Issue Time:2019-09-17
Now a lot of projects are high altitude, it is particularly important to the role of scaffolding. Scaffolding is an essential part of the construction of temporary facilities, such as turn masonry wall plaster, concrete, metope, decorations and paint, the installation of structures, etc., all need beside the erection of scaffolding planks, to stand in for the construction operation above, pile construction materials and necessary level of short distance transportation. Scaffolding on the building facade set state is divided into a ground, cantilever, hanging, adherent lifting four basic forms.

(1) In the buildings on the ground the scaffold erection on the floor, the main erection method for vertical pole double row set-up. Due to stud limit bearing capacity, coupled with a large amount of material consumption, takes a long time, so, the scaffolding, highly more control under 40 m. In the construction of the brick structure of the building, the durable steel planks and for building, decoration, and protection; During the construction of multilayer frame structure, the scaffold is mainly used for decoration and protection.

(2) Cantilever scaffold erection of the cantilever protruding from the outer edge of the building structure, pass load all or part of the scaffold structure. Useful steel cantilever supporting structure under triangle truss support structure of welding production and wire rope suspension live level sections with the diagonal structure of two kinds of main forms. Set-up double exclusion of scaffolding on the cantilever structure is the same as the console scaffold, the height of the segmental cantilever scaffold general control within 25 m. The form of scaffolding for decoration and protection, the application in the high-rise buildings in the downtown need to be fully enclosed construction, to prevent falling objects.