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Tips on How to Install the Building Formwork in the Building System

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Tips on How to Install the Building Formwork in the Building System
Issue Time:2019-09-17
1. Building formwork inside should be cleaned up. Architectural legacy formwork sundry, cause defects such as slag concrete. Architecture formwork should be reserved to clean.

2. Construction formwork, the requirement of embedded parts, the reserved hole should be fixed at the same time building the embedded parts on the formwork, reserve a hole and the hole, not the legacy accords with a requirement, size, installation is firm, so is the metal walk board. Deviation in accordance with the rules and regulations of the acceptance will be fined.

3. Building formwork should besmear brush isolation agent. Besmear brush, choose not to affect the structure and prevent decoration engineering construction of oily isolation agent. Steel scaffolding planks and concrete at the same time, due to the isolation agent pollution may meet if place obvious adverse effects on the concrete structure stress performance, so should be avoided when besmear brush contamination.

4. For multilayer structure of cast-in-situ, superstructure formwork and support will support on the lower floor. 3 points should be paid attention to at this point: one is the lower floor should have enough carrying capacity, adding support as needed; The second is the lower brackets should be stud on the basic alignment; 3 it is to support shall be laid under the column of plate. In construction, the laying of the requirements of the plate for floor, not only for installation on the ground of building formwork also applies the post.

5. Building formwork seam should not leak slurry, construction formwork slurry leakage, will cause the appearance of honeycomb pitting surface of concrete, directly affect the quality of concrete. So no matter adopt what kind of material construction formwork, the seam should be tight, no leak slurry. Use wooden construction formwork, as a result of wood absorbing water will rise, so the wooden building formwork seam when installation should not be too tight, should be water wet after the installation is complete, make board joint closure. Water when wet, construction should not be swelling in the formwork.