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How to Deal With the Surface Treatment of Ringlock Scaffolding

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How to Deal With the Surface Treatment of Ringlock Scaffolding
Issue Time:2019-09-16
Ringlock scaffold surface treatment electrophoresis paint, water-based paint treatment compared with the chemical paint more environmental protection, we have the whole production line adopts domestic advanced production technology and equipment, energy conservation and environmental protection.

So-called electrophoresis paint surface treatment, will be painting material (Ringlock scaffold) dipping in water soluble paint as anode (anodic electrophoretic paint), the other set one with its corresponding to the cathode, through direct current between the poles of the scaffolding planks, on current generated by the physical chemistry, make the paint evenly on the coating of a kind of coating technology. Electrophoretic coating must use electrophoresis paint, electrophoretic paint usually also called water-soluble coating, electrophoresis paint diluted with distilled water must be according to certain proportion. Electrophoretic coating process generally includes four simultaneous:

1, electrophoresis: under the effect of dc field, the positive and negative charged colloid particles to the negative, positive direction movement, also known as swimming.

2, electrolytic: electrodes respectively for the REDOX reaction, instead of the electrode formed on the oxidation and reduction.

3, electrodeposition, due to the effect electrophoresis, near to the anode of charged colloid particles in the template table body emit electrons, and went into a state of insoluble deposits, the phenomenon of precipitation, the film formation.

4, electroosmosis: under the effect of electric field, the solid phase, and the phenomenon of liquid movement. Electroosmosis effect causes the paint film is gradually into the water cut of the film, the final form almost not even pass the current in the past, the moisture content is extremely low, resistance high density film.

Ringlock scaffold after electrophoresis, the electrophoresis paints a pay inside and outside wall surface, protect the body of galvanized metal decking, prolong the service life, ensure the safety of the construction.