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What Roles Does the Fastener Play in the Whole Scaffolding System

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What Roles Does the Fastener Play in the Whole Scaffolding System
Issue Time:2019-09-16
Fastener products are mostly used to connect two objects, in scaffold construction projects is more used to 48 mm outside diameter for Φ steel tube feet fixed in hand. Rotating fastener products for two arbitrary angle steel pipe connection; Right-angle fastener products, just as its name implies two steel pipe used for vertical connection; Docking fastener products, extension for steel tube of two connection.

Scaffolding construction is an important part of link scaffolding pipe accessories, practical very strong resistance to deformation ability of casting fastener products, compared with ordinary steel scaffolding planks, stamping fastener products, due to the production process for cast iron manufacturing.

Thickness is more thicker than the stamping process of fastener products, the thinnest place can reach more than 5 mm, completely resistant capability is strong, cast iron steel pipe scaffold fastener products, convenient maintenance, the sliding resistance is strong, can guarantee the steel pipe with fastener products cover state.

Joint area is large, eliminate the hidden danger of steel pipe slip. Building scaffold fittings in the scaffold plays a very important role in the construction industry, building scaffold fittings is link between rail and the sleeper coupling parts, its role is to rail fixed orbit pillow, prevent rail and keep track of relative to the sleeper lateral movement. On concrete sleeper rail, due to the elasticity of the concrete sleeper is poorer, steel tube scaffold fastener products still need to provide enough flexibility.

So the torsional rigidity of steel tube scaffold fastener products must have enough performance, anti-sliding performance, damage resistance, tensile properties, compressive properties, and effectively maintain reliable connection between rail and scaffolding metal planks.