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Application Information on the Swivel Coupler Product

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Application Information on the Swivel Coupler Product
Issue Time:2019-08-27
Swivel fastener product very simply shows that the central Swivel fastener products mean Swivel fastener products placed in the scaffold on the location of the central tube, the master node is refers to the scaffolding fittings rail and adjacent point of the stem on the scaffolding planks. Swivel fastener products are used in parallel or oblique bar between adjacent fastener products, shears diagonal application Swivel fastener products firm in fellowship with the degree of horizontal bar of the out side or stand pole.

Swivel fastener product knowledge Central Line to the interval of the master node zero should not be greater than 15 mm. One word, the two ends of the open mouth double-row scaffold must be set transverse brace, the appropriate center every six across Settings. Longitudinal lap length not less than 1 m, and spacing set three Swivel fastener products such as solid, end fastener products cover plate edge to lap the longitudinal level whole intervals not less than 10 mm rod. Swivel fastener products weight: according to each buckle contact a shears, each weight: 14.6 N/a

Important Swivel fastener products used for fastening adjacent 48 mm outside diameter of steel pipe at right angles, arbitrary Angle and the system on line. A variety of fasteners products material can be cast iron such as the scafffolding metal planks.

When building fastener products in use, should enrich the wall surface with steel tube wall war, then use the T type bolts, bolt torque should be 4 zero N.M. Swivel fastener products compared with other building fastener products have excellent use of cost, can probably in the use of the convenient user, can completely in the use of easy manipulation, Arthur held principle than the simple things, do not need to process.