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The Development and Kind of Construction Formwork Support

The Development and Kind of Construction Formwork Support
Issue Time:2019-08-26
Until today development of construction formwork support has for many years. First formwork support frame is mainly made from wood or iron, but there are a lot of disadvantages, limited by the length of the raw material itself, so the height can not be adjusted. And stitching workload is very big, causes the construction efficiency is too low, raw materials have been the phenomenon of waste, resources are wasted, beautiful degree also needed to be improved.

Used in the construction formwork support brace there are many different types, generally according to the different material will be divided into different types. First categories is the tradition, namely wooden racks, this type of support all raw materials are made from wood, used by the second categories is tall building shape template support, this is more complicated, because it is mainly used in high altitude and large buildings with   ringlock scaffolding mesh.

Third category is rigid construction ringlock scaffolding formwork support system, this type is common in building now, it USES the raw material is cold-rolled steel plate, and a scalable unique properties. So we emphatically introduce the.

New types of construction formwork supporting material use more rigidity is high performance of cold rolling, this kind of material has many advantages, such as high corrosion resistance, and strong is not easy to deformation. Connection mode is more flexible and simple, the structure is very firm. Compared to the wooden structure is more strong, it can be repeated use, greatly reduce the cost of construction. The province, save time, also more secure on security.