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Material to Make the New Type Shear Wall Building Formwork

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Material to Make the New Type Shear Wall Building Formwork
Issue Time:2019-08-26
Shear wall formwork for ringlock scaffolding supporting composite structures, the beam, Angle of 300 * 300, vertical beam and other accessories.

 1, beams. The wall thickness of 2.5 mm cold rolled steel plate cold bending forming. Clamping, after the installation of the vertical beam is designed according to the drawings, wear wall bolt, then beam horizontal side wear into the wall bolts into the cross gaskets, take the nut, correction verticality, smoothness, the nut is tightened. Beam, replace the traditional mode of double pole, used for shear wall horizontal support, increasing the bearing surface, avoid natural rise mold problem, specifications and unified, convenient connection, can improve the efficiency of construction of ringlock scaffolding accessories.

2, Angle of 300 * 300. Wall thickness of 2.5 mm cold rolled steel plate, Angle is 90 °. Angle of 300 * 300, Yin and Yang, instead of steel, used in the horizontal direction of reinforcement, shear wall internal Angle prefabricated 90 ° Angle, ensure the quality of the production of shear wall, and the operation is simple and quick.

3, vertical beam. Vertical beam subject to 40 * 60 * 70 mm scalable few word structure, wall thickness of 2.0 mm cold rolled steel sheet. According to drawings for the vertical beam adjustment to fit size, according to design drawing after clamping spacing (25 mm to 30 mm) on the template, on the vertical beam nails in the reserved 60 mm nails, fixed vertical beam. Vertical beam, alternatives to traditional mode of vertical use of the wood, support strength are much higher than the wood strength, avoid natural rose mold problems. Due to the vertical beam are free to adjust the length, the adjusting range is 40 ㎝. Can be achieve a range of different level of support.