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Is There Any Need to Set Safety Net Around Ringlock Scaffolding

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Is There Any Need to Set Safety Net Around Ringlock Scaffolding
Issue Time:2019-08-22
Safety net is one of the important facilities of the construction safety protection, safety net should be set in the construction organization design has clear rules and requirements, technologically sophisticated design should be done.

Safety net type: safety net by hanging vertical and horizontal set way points two kinds.
1. Vertical set vertical set used in high-rise building construction ringlock scaffolding, more lateral hung safety net enclosure, generally USES fine woven nylon rope safety net. Scaffolding safety net should be sealed, and external fixation.

2. Safety net level safety net for multilayer construction ringlock scaffolding, more is to use hemp rope 9 mm in diameter, coir rope or nylon rope weaving, general specifications for the 3 m by 6 m, 5 cm of mesh, each a good safety net should be able to withstand the pounding of not less than 1600 n load. Up from the floor on the second floor of its a safety net, and set a every 3 ~ 4 layers, and then set up a safety net with the construction elevation. Wants net twine is not damaged, take root and firm, taut, circle, joining together tightly, the net bar the strut appropriate hand pole with their feet. Minimum network is not less than 3 m wide, a layer of network should be 6 m wide.

For 3 levels safety net method
The use of external wall window frame method: bar inside the walls of 1 on the upper window and safety net of the cross tie, the bar on the next layer 2 window wall and safety net of diagonal keep old bar 3 on the wall and 2 tie bar, for safety net of diagonal spacing should be not more than 4 m.