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The Construction Preparation for the Outside Wall Scaffolding

The Construction Preparation for the Outside Wall Scaffolding
Issue Time:2019-08-20
1, according to the construction organization design, material supply department repurchased shall meet the construction requirements of section steel, steel, fasteners, scaffold boards fence, red, white or yellow, and black paint; stacked neatly classified according to different specifications. Pipe shall ba according to specifications painted to spare.

2, pipe approach should have quality certification, the manufacturer of the steel surface should be flat and smooth, without cracks, scarring, declaration, dislocation, tight bends, burrs, dents and deep draw road. Pipe diameter, wall thickness, face and other deviations shall conform to specification. The new fastener should have production licenses, statutory testing unit test report and product quality certification; ringlock scaffodlding quality should be checked before use old fasteners, cracks, deformation is strictly prohibited, the bolt slide wire must be replaced. Ringlock scaffolding boards should adopt new production or bamboo scaffold board.

3, technical director of construction work seriously to participate in personnel safety technical disclosure.

The erection
The first layer of the main project starting from the ground erection. Ground must be paved, compacted, drainage flow, the bottom of the pole pad not less than 50mm thick wooden plate. On the pole base is not more than 200mm at right angles connected by fastener longitudinal sweep shot. When the pole base is not at the same height, the height must be extended by two longitudinal sweep shot across the pole fixed to the lower. Pole spacing not greater than 1.5 meters, a larger bar spacing is not greater than 0.9 m step distance of not more than 1.8 meters. Small little bar spacing 1.5 m. A small bar extending into the floor of not less than 240mm. Two adjacent pole connectors should not be set in synchronization inside.