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How to Remove the Outside Wall Scaffolding Project

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How to Remove the Outside Wall Scaffolding Project
Issue Time:2019-08-20
1, the outer frame by the project leader checks to verify and confirm that it is no longer needed before dismantling.

2, technical director participated in the removal response personnel safety technical disclosure.

3. Before removing the outer frame, clear materials, tools and debris outside the ringlock scaffolding board. Check the connection of fastener outer frame, wall pieces, construction support and other compliance requirements.

4, when removed, warning area and set up warning signs, by the person responsible.

5, the outer frame should be dismantled under a unified command, according to the first split after take after take the first demolition order of operations.

6, removal of steel, fasteners, scaffold boards and other materials with a lifting crane to the ground, according to specifications, models stacked neatly. When removing each member is strictly prohibited to throw to the ground.

7, take the outer frame must be removed through by current national standard "special operations personnel security technology assessment management rules" (GB5036) passed the examination of professional ringlock scaffolding scaffolders. Staff posts to regular medical examinations.

8, the outer frame to take the demolition must wear a helmet, seatbelt and non-slip shoes.

9, construction loads on the operational level shall meet the design requirements, shall not be overloaded; outer frame can not be stacked template, steel and other items. Non outer frame template bracket, wind cable rope, pumping concrete and mortar feed pipe fixed to the outer frame; non-suspension lifting equipment.

10, when there are six or more than six high winds and fog, rain, snow weather should stop erection and demolition and construction work outside the frame.

11, erection and dismantling of safety nets according to relevant regulations.