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How to Determine the Erection Height of Scaffolding

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How to Determine the Erection Height of Scaffolding
Issue Time:2019-08-19
  (1) According to the audited construction design document provisions; without construction design documents, according to the average design outdoor fabric roof surface elevation of the floor level of the building (when the top of the wall parapet counted) height difference, also takes a comprehensive set 1.5m. Basement facades ringlock scaffolding erection height is from floor to floor outdoor design bottom cushion height.

    (2) in the same building height is not the same calculated separately at different heights. If the structure of the external walls of the elevation of the top plate along a line outside the building (meter top of the wall to her daughter when a parapet) occur simultaneously not: when discontinuous change (change in elevation is not continuous, such as local prominent roof stairwell) according to different heights computing segment erection of scaffolding height; continuous change (such as the sloping roof) calculated according to the average height of the scaffolding erection elevation.

    (3) when the roof stairwell, equipment room roof flat plane area larger than one-third of the amount of its scaffolding incorporated throughout the building, altimeter stairwell to the roof, the roof panel structure when the device level (meter parapet daughter to top of the wall).

    (4) when the roof stairwell, equipment room flat area less than one-third of the roof area of ​​the plane, its scaffolding amount calculated separately according to their own height, according to the corresponding height of a single row of scaffolding subheading execution.

   (5) the upper part of the external walls of a building or retracted into the upper part of the tower podium shrink-fitting, the calculation should be calculated at segment erection area when ringlock scaffolding removed, but step away from the erection height should be uniform from outdoor floor elevation.