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Construction Cases of Hanging Basket Scaffolding Project

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Construction Cases of Hanging Basket Scaffolding Project
Issue Time:2019-08-15
1, the inside of the building from the gondola gap 100-200mm, the gap between the two basket shall not exceed 200mm. The maximum length of the basket should not exceed 8m, the maximum length can not exceed homemade basket 6m, width 0.8-1.2 m, height is generally not more than two. Special needs should be specifically designed, each floor height does not exceed 2m. Gondola pole (or die), the longitudinal spacing of 2-3m. High protective railings at the top of the outside of the basket shall be 1.5m, every railings space no more than 500mm, stop foot no less than 180mm; outside of the basket must be provided for each body railing at 0.6m and 1.2m high one, block feet of not less than 180mm high. In addition, the top of the basket must be located head guard shed outside and seal both ends with a safety net.

2, support scaffolding horizontal bar spacing and the same jack stand, ringlock scaffolding must be anchored with a horizontal bar, do not allow loose head or control panel. Longitudinal horizontal bar horizontal bar also have the support of fastener card firmly.

3, the inside of the basket at both ends should be fitted with retractable wall wheel device, so that the basket with the building in working condition can abut, in order to reduce the frame body shaking; at the same time more than one frame of the gondola to be set high ladder, each frame up and down the manhole to have cover.

4, if the basket with reinforced ringlock scaffolding chain rod having a diameter of not less than 16mm, each section of chain lever length 800mm, using snap ring connecting each group desired length. Insurance rope shall be not less than φ13mm rope.